Harvest is still on the move as a new month begins. USDA is extending its harvest progress updates into this month because of the slow harvest.

Some farmers hurry to harvest. Yet, some meteorologists say the weather isn’t looking good and may not get better.

“If anything, it’s getting worse,” said Brad Rippey, chief meteorologist at USDA. “Now, [the weather] has turned milder and wetter.”

Some farmers may not harvest a crop until Spring of 2020.

“Farmers are thinking about leaving the crop out there because of the yield being poor,” said Ken Ferrie, a Farm Journal Agronomist. “That’s mainly the June planted corn, the late planted corn. The yields are below crop insurance [coverage levels] and the moisture content is high.”

Other reasons include price, lack of propane and the cost to dry wet corn.

Source: Betsy Jibben, AgWeb.com