Wednesday features the most closely-watched USDA data of the year, the agency’s annual Prospective Plantings report. While the soybean market offers farmers financial incentives for that crop to have an edge in the battle for acres, most analysts expect corn acres to be in the lead when USDA releases the data at 11:00 CDT on Wednesday. And while grain export demand, mainly from China, is seen as the biggest single driver of the latest bullish prices that have raised the stakes in the acreage battle, other factors may soon loom large for prices, namely potential weather issues in South America that could fuel more bullishness in the U.S. corn and soybean markets. There are “pretty darn big” appetites for both crops right now, one analyst said, so while the exact balance between the two remains unknown, the marketplace expects both numbers to be big, likely above 90 million acres and as high as 92 million acres for both crops. See some last-minute analysis before Wednesday’s big report.