U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced this week details of a $300 million USDA investment for a new Organic Transition Initiative. The investment hopes to help build new and better markets for U.S. farmers as well as additional income streams. The funds will be used in three focus areas, including a Transition to Organic Partnership Program, direct farmer assistance and organic pinpointed market development.

Sec. Vilsack says the initiative builds upon President Biden’s desire to build a more vibrant economy, with emphasis on creating a stronger middle class. From Secretary Vilsack’s perspective, that means continuously developing new and better markets for U.S. farmers. Bolstering opportunities for organic production aligns with that goal, he says. So far, USDA has reduced the cost of organic certification. Additionally, more than 7,300 organic producers have received roughly $20 million in funds to take steps towards growing organically.

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