Field cracked and dry because of droughtAround 40% of the nation’s wheat crop is experiencing some level of drought conditions, and about the same amount of the Corn Belt is facing similar conditions. Last year at this time, virtually none of Midwestern corn and soybean country was facing similar conditions. The High Plains is 96.2% covered by drought conditions versus 26.1% of the region last year. It’s safe to say drought is the nation’s biggest weather story right now as 2020 winds to a close. Weather experts are watching those conditions, namely for signs that winter precipitation could ease drought worries. With La Niña expected to be driving weather conditions through at least March, warmer-than-average temperatures are expected in much of the country this winter. But the first three months of 2021 could see above-normal precipitation levels in key row crop parts of the upper Midwest and northern Plains. See the latest trending drought and weather information.