Food inflation remains a hot-button issue, sitting at 11.8% for at-home food and 8.3% for food away from home, but don’t let that take away from your Super Bowl spread. Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist Dr. Michael Swanson notes in their annual Super Bowl Food Report that prices for a few go-to’s are less expensive than a year ago. The report pulls data from the USDA, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Reserve Economic Data, as well as Nielsen research.

A few highlights from the study include the following:

>> Chicken wings are down 22%. ($3.38/lb. in 2022 vs. $2.65/lb. in 2023)
>> Avocados down 20%
>> Sirloin steak down $1/lb. over 2022 (for the fancy partygoers). Bacon and shrimp are also down.

A few examples of staples that remain higher over last year include beer (up 11%), soda (25%) and potato chips (22%).

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