Angus cattle in snowstormSubzero temperatures aren’t too common in the southern Plains, but cattle producers have been battling dangerous conditions at about the worst time of the year, with spring calving underway. Ranchers are facing challenges in not only keeping newborn calves alive, but also sustaining cattle gains when the weather’s making that difficult. The cold, snowy conditions are a call for ranchers to not only pay extra attention to calving cows, but also adjust feed rations to account for cattle’s additional energy needs when the temperatures plummet. That may mean providing more higher-quality hay or supplemental nutrients or changing feeding locations so cattle that aren’t accustomed to doing so don’t have to forage through snow for feed. Though the weather will begin warming by later this week, another lasting implication of the winter blast is in cattle inventory; with many auctions closed because of the cold temperatures, there could be higher numbers of lighter cattle hitting the sale barns in coming weeks. At the same time, expect feeder cattle to need to “catch up” after likely reduced performance during the winter blast. See more.