After voluntarily pulling back on production during the previous year, Wisconsin cranberry growers saw more output during the past harvest season. The state’s agriculture department issued its annual fruit production summary on Tuesday, which showed total cranberry production was 5.55 million barrels. That’s up from 5.37 million barrels harvested in 2017.

Crop reporters say growers harvested 20,700 acres, which was also up from 20,600 acres. Average yield per acre totaled 267.8 barrels, better than last year’s 259.5 barrels, but less than the record high of 288 barrels in 2016.

Meanwhile, the price of cranberries fell 11 percent as producers were paid $25.90 per barrel in 2018. As a result, the total value of utilized production declined to $143 million dollars.

Wisconsin continues to lead the nation in cranberry production, harvesting 62 percent of the nation’s total crop. That is more than twice that of Massachusetts, the next highest producing state.

Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection