With the March 15th sales closing date (SCD) quickly approaching there are many sales closing related documents that need to be reviewed. It is imperative to remember the pertinent rules and regulations surrounding written agreements, as they are very time sensitive.

There are several reasons why a producer may submit a written agreement request, including but not limited to, providing crop insurance for insurable crops when coverage or rates are not available in the actuarial documents, or to modify existing terms and conditions in the crop insurance policy when permitted by the policy.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the written agreement requests, it is important the request is signed, dated, and submitted by the producer and given to the agent with all the required documentation by the applicable deadline outlined in the Written Agreement Handbook. Requests that are submitted after the deadline date will not be accepted by RMA. Agents are encouraged to submit written agreement requests to ProAg as quickly as possible to allow ample time for the underwriter to review the request and submit it to RMA prior to the applicable deadline.

For detailed information on types of written agreements, deadline dates, and specific information that must be included for each type of written agreement, please refer to the Written Agreement Handbook by clicking on the following link: https://rma.usda.gov/-/media/RMA/Handbooks/Underwriting—24000/Written-Agreement/2022-24020-Written-Agreement-Handbook.ashx

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