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Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RP-HPE) Insurance

When Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion Plan is selected, the minimum crop insurance revenue guarantee will not be recalculated when harvest prices are released.

The Revenue Protection Plan with Harvest Exclusion Plan (RP-HPE or RP Harvest) crop insurance plan is similar to the Revenue Protection (RP) plan; however, it provides coverage against loss of revenue caused by price decrease, low yields or a combination of both – the price increase is not covered because the guarantee is not adjusted up by the harvest price for this plan.

The projected price is used to determine the revenue guarantee, the premium and any replant or prevented planting payment. The harvest price is only used to value the production to count in a production or revenue loss. It is not used to recalculate the guarantee if there is an increase.

The producer does not receive the benefit of price movement with the Revenue Protection Harvest Price Exclusion plan.

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