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Digital Ag for Growers

Ready to get started with ProAg using Precision Ag?

Precision Ag – The future of farming and reporting

In today’s agricultural climate, most will agree that you usually don’t hear Precision Ag technologies mentioned in the same sentence as Crop Insurance. However, Precision Ag is quickly becoming a way for many large growers and agencies to effectively manage reporting acreage and production history with unmatched accuracy.

With the ever-increasing federal compliance requirements throughout the reporting process, more and more data is needed. This can create a large burden for everyone – from the grower, to the agent, including reporting bodies such as crop insurance companies and governmental agencies.

Currently, reporting relies on manual paperwork which requires a great deal of processing time and effort. Once the documentation is gathered, there is still the task of keying or otherwise transmitting that data into a computerized system to transfer it between the necessary parties. There must be a better way, right?

Crop Insurance and Precision Ag Unite

The increasing integration of Precision Ag into the everyday lives of growers and agricultural businesses has provided a great opportunity to turn your crop insurance reporting requirements into a quick and painless procedure.

The accuracy of a Precision Ag system, mainly planting and yield monitoring, can be far better than the previous generation’s methods of recording the same information. These systems automatically compile the what / where / why / when / how information and combine it with the necessary data for reporting purposes – all with minimal manual entry.

The days of manually going through each paper field record and writing and matching all the required information are numbered. Precision Ag systems can compile everything in one file which can simply be sent to the crop insurance agent who then matches the farmer’s data to USDA and crop insurance data.

What’s the next big step?

The relationship between a grower and their crop insurance agent is the most trusted relationship in modern agriculture today. This is due to the personal information which a crop insurance agent currently handles in reporting to the government. Data integrity and security is of the utmost importance for this risk management program to succeed. Trust is everything and it will only increase in importance as growers begin to work with electronic data. Soon we will see a massive increase in the amount of Precision Ag data that will be available. ProAg believes that our crop insurance agents are and will continue to be the preferred trusted advisor to handle this data.

There are already agents who are managing grower’s data generated by Precision Ag technology. Whether or not it is something that will become widespread, it is a reminder that the data used throughout Crop Insurance is highly protected. ProAg’s crop insurance agents will continue to be people you can trust.

Ready to get started with ProAg using Precision Ag?