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ProAgMapping is a software system designed to enable you with tools to more efficiently and accurately deal with Common Land Unit (CLU) processing requirements which allows for better service to your customers. It is integrated with the ProAgWorks® policy processing system to allow for synchronization and display of policy data from that system.

ProAgMapping allows agents to generate content from existing CLU boundaries, import boundary and planting data from several different platforms or draw custom boundaries to establish a Resource Land Unit (RLU) and build customer maps from the best information available. Agents can migrate maps between ProAg policies to further speed up processing.

There is an abundance of data available in ProAgMapping to assist in field identification including:

  • current aerial imagery
  • high risk map areas directly from RMA
  • Rainfall Index grid numbers
  • current and historic CLU planting data from CIMS
  • additional geographic information

Maps produced from ProAgMapping are highly customizable and can be adapted to serve your specific needs. The system saves data in real-time and allows you to process as your schedule demands, without losing any of your work.  ProAg offers an abundance of form types and options to properly support customers, no matter the area or crop. Several of our official policy forms have map-based options for ease-of-use.

ProAg has a dedicated mapping team that is very responsive to your needs. We offer guides, manuals, videos and live training sessions to ensure you are comfortable with the system capabilities. Are you looking for more specific information? We want to hear from you so that we can continue to provide valuable tools that make your job easier.

Contact your trusted ProAg account representative for more information. When you partner with ProAg, you can grow with confidence.

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