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Top News Stories

Top News Stories

Bakersfield Enlists Biological Tool in ACP War

For the first time since California enlisted biological control methods in its war against the Asian citrus psyllid, the state has moved reinforcements to the Central Valley....
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California Cotton Acreage Jumps 35%

After six years of trending downward, California cotton growers are slated to harvest more cotton than they did last year....
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What a Difference $.50 (or a Summer) Makes

High levels of corn and soybean production in 2017 have led to low projections of commodity prices and returns for 2017. Had more normal yields occurred, the 2017 return outlook could have been different. ...
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News Archive

News Archive

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Crop Insurance Basics: Coverage Availability | via @UScropinsurance https://t.co/gtAywSFQX9 Shouldering More Risk than P&C Companies
How to Maximize Revenue Protection on Your Farm with Price Flex #infographic https://t.co/i8zNLm5BFr pic.twitter.com/VD2ij9rGsX
Chinese Zika Rules Threaten U.S. Farm Exports https://t.co/tp1wjgUBpl pic.twitter.com/zWHlQsbJlD
Wheat Futures Prices Fall to 10-Year Low https://t.co/FBPQ6FdjMk #agmarkets
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With the Farm Bill discussions beginning very soon, this is a very timely point of interest.
"For ag retailers, the questions are, 'What are you going to do to get through this rough patch? How will you adapt your cost structure and industry relationships while serving your customers as that valued partner?'" Tanner Ehmke, CoBank senior economist asks. "When we do get through this cycle, those businesses that have been able to adapt stand to benefit from a significant payout on the other side," he concludes.
The new AAIS endorsements were created in anticipation of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) long-awaited final regulations for small commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) - those weighing less than 55 lb. The new regulations were published June 21, 2016, and will become effective Aug. 29, 2016. The economic impact of this ruling is expected to be first felt in farm and agricultural businesses as it is the fastest-growing commercial sector using drones.
Have you ever wondered how almonds are harvested? Check out this great blog post by the Almond Board of California for photographs and an explanation of what's going on during this exciting time of year in the California Central Valley. Just like any other farmer, harvest season is the busiest time of year for almond growers and handlers, spanning from August to mid-October. To reap the bounty, growers carefully orchestrate each stage of the harvesting process. This process involves the use of highly-specialized equipment and the expertise of skilled technicians and operators, growers, farm managers and hullers and shellers (a processor that removes the almond hull and shell). Learn more here: #ThankaFarmer
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