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RMA Raleigh, NC Reg Office - 2017 North Carolina Clary Sage Crop Insurance Fact Sheet https://t.co/iYqwm6rXyN ProAg - Your Trusted Source
Guest column: Crop insurance is critical for beginning farmers - https://t.co/4PmjejVpI2 https://t.co/24qPURuxDb #Keepcropinsurancestrong
Crop Progress, Condition Report Mostly Bearish https://t.co/g8Ez92s3o6 #agmarkets #grow16
Fertilizer Outlook: Ammonia Running Flat in Short Term; Others Hanging Low https://t.co/5FT2zuRDHx #agmarkets
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Six percent of the nation's corn was silking and 9% of the soybeans were blooming as of June 26, according to the USDA Crop Progress report released Monday. Corn silking progress was 1 percentage point ahead of the average and 3 percentage points ahead of last year. Corn condition worsened just slightly to 5% poor to very poor, compared to 4% last week. The good-to-excellent category remained steady at 75%. For more, including state highlights, see the story in full here:
Brexit - what does it mean for agriculture and global markets? Does the UK's vote to leave the European Union present disaster or opportunity? In this article, commentators worldwide, from Chicago to Pretoria, give their thoughts on Brexit, and what it means for agriculture.
A great start to the Kansas City Metro office outing to the Royals game tonight! #ForeverRoyal
USDA is trying to clarify rules regarding when it is “practical to replant.” Concerns have been raised regarding the definition, difficulty and inconsistency in the replanting language on crop-insurance policies. While USDA is publishing the rule as “final,” the Federal Crop Insurance Corp. will have a 60-day comment period that could prompt possible further changes in the rules.
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