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Top News Stories

Top News Stories

What Does Continued El Nino Mean for U.S. Weather?

While the buzzword of late has been El Nino, what gets missed by most in this discussion is that El Nino affects different areas differently, though there are some predictable outcomes....
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News Archive

News Archive

China Wants More U.S. Sorghum

As farmers continue to feel the crunch of low crop prices and the pressures of keeping their farms profitable in a time of building global competition and higher input costs, many are looking favorably on planting more grain sorghum....
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2013 UW Gain Update

2013 UW Gain Update

We are one month or so away from our first annual settlement with RMA on crop year 2013 business. The key report from RMA, which discloses whether an Approved Insurance Provider (AIP) can pay profit shares to agents for previous crop year, will be available in mid-October.

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Corn Planting Surges During Advantageous Window http://t.co/DAJecemzig 17 Points Beyond the 5 Yr Average - 55% Planted by May 3
Drought, Army Cutworms Plague Western Kansas Wheat http://t.co/EKE37N999w Some Find 4-9 Per Square Foot
The annual tour of Kansas wheat fields starts today. Keep track of the reports by following #wheattour15 pic.twitter.com/EoyT3DyV6L
China Wants More U.S. Sorghum http://t.co/3dphn8Dq6h Sorghum is the World's 5th Largest Grain by Output
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Want to learn more about the Crop Hail and Named Peril products offered by ProAg? Check out: http://www.proag.com/UserFiles/Documents/ProAg_CropHail.pdf
U.S. corn farmers took full advantage of last week’s favorable planting conditions, surging 17 points beyond the five-year average, according to USDA Crop Progress Report. “The incredible progress that we saw over the past week is a testament to the old fashioned, hardworking nature of farmers as well as the incredible advantages offered by modern farming technology,” said National Corn Growers Association President Chip Bowling.
Be wary when meteorologists refer to the weather as “interesting” – it’s usually a euphemism for “chaos.” But that’s how weather experts have been referring to 2015 to date. See the region by region predictions here:
Saturday Saying: “In no other country do so few people produce so much food, to feed so many, at such reasonable prices.” President Dwight D. Eisenhower
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