In Georgia, Maine, and Texas, land is not surveyed under the U.S. Public Land Survey System, which is the basis for optional units (OUs) by sections in many parts of the United States. The Risk Management Agency (RMA) has worked with stakeholders to develop the Unit Division by Grid Option (UDGO) for Category B crops with additional coverage in these states. When UDGO is elected by the insured, it applies to all Category B crops with additional coverage in the county, and OUs cannot be established by any other means. OUs established by UDGO can be further divided by irrigated and non-irrigated acreage and acreage insured under an organic farming practice as provided in the Common Crop Insurance Policy Basic Provisions and as allowable in the applicable Crop Provisions (CP). The insured is not required to have an OU structure when UDGO is elected and can still choose a unit structure on a crop/county basis for the applicable crop year.

Per Product Management Bulletin PM-22-023, beginning with the 2023 crop year, insureds in Georgia, Maine, and Texas may request the UDGO to establish OUs by RMA Grid where the option is available and in accordance with the CP that allow for separate OUs. Please reference the link to the bulletin for additional information, including UDGO procedures.

NOTE: The New Unit Division by Grid Option procedures will be incorporated into the applicable handbooks upon their next issuance(s).

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