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    China’s Restrictions on Food Imports Meet Resistance from Exporters

    Last week, Bloomberg’s Mike Dorning reported that, “U.S. health and agricultural authorities issued thinly veiled criticism of new demands from China for food-exporting companies to sign documents stating […]

    June 29, 2020
  2. Top Ag News
    Milk Price Rebounds 100% Between April and July

    Milk prices have always been volatile, but it looks like volatility will set a record in 2020. In January, the Class III […]

    June 29, 2020
  3. Top Ag News
    Insects Pressure Rises

    As June starts to melt into July, summer insects’ favorite buffets are in season: fields of growing crops. Soybean fields appear to […]

    June 29, 2020
  4. Top Ag News
    As COVID Cases Surge in U.S., Rural Areas Seeing Increases As Well

    For many states and counties in the U.S., the dark days of the coronavirus pandemic in April unfolded on their television screens, […]

    June 29, 2020
  5. Top Ag News
    Savannah Now the Top U.S. Port for Ag Exports

    The Port of Savannah is the top port in the nation for the export of containerized agricultural goods. “Agriculture is a major […]

    June 29, 2020
  6. Top Ag News
    As Hurricane Season Begins, USDA Offers Producers New and Improved Insurance Options

    The 2020 hurricane season officially began on June 1 and many experts predict that hurricane activity will be particularly active this year. […]

    June 26, 2020
  7. Top Ag News
    Forage Seeding Crop Insurance Deadline Nears in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming

    USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) reminds producers in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming that for the 2021 crop year a […]

    June 26, 2020
  8. Top Ag News
    Fertilizer Industry Largely Spared from COVID-19 Impact

    The coronavirus has thus far had a limited impact on the fertilizer industry, however, the full effects of the global pandemic are […]

    June 26, 2020
  9. Top Ag News
    USDA-Nation’s Hog Inventory Up 5%

    As of June 1, there were 79.6 million hogs and pigs on U.S. farms, up 5 percent from June 2019, and up […]

    June 26, 2020
  10. Top Ag News
    Dry Conditions Continue to Spread

    According to the June 23, 2020, U.S. Drought Monitor, moderate to extreme drought covers 21.4% of the United States including Puerto Rico, an […]

    June 26, 2020