2012 Census of Agriculture – Part I: The Faces of U.S. Agriculture Infographic

This story is Part I of a four part series of infographics featuring the results of the 2012 Census of Agriculture.

The 2012 Census of Agriculture lets us know who is involved in U.S. agriculture – from family farmers to hired labor, and from new, beginning farmers to next-generation farmers. Census data help inform smart policymaking to benefit farmers and ranchers, their communities, businesses and industries. Featured below is a highlight of the demographic information contained in the 2012 Census of Agriculture – “The Faces of U.S. Agriculture”. 

Please feel free to share this infographic via the social share buttons, and join us next week for Part II – Geography of U.S. Agriculture.

ProAg Friday Fun Ag Fact - 2012 Census of Ag The Faces of US Agriculture Infographic

Source: US Dept of Ag NASS

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