All Drone Solutions Introduces Remotely Operated Agriculture Mapping

All Drone Solutions launched its ROAM – Remotely Operated Agriculture Mapping solution for growers and agronomists at the World Ag Expo, Feb. 9-11. An in-house and portable local processing system for multispectral and thermal data acquired via drone or UAS. ROAM works worldwide but the company is focused currently on creating solutions and tools for California growers battling our current drought and limits to strict water usage.

All Drone Solutions has teamed up with industry leaders in remote sensing and image analysis and has created a turnkey solution to precision agriculture drone-based mapping. The industry standard has been using standard consumer RGB (ordinary color) cameras that have been modified to collect the data required to make vegetation index maps such as NDVI. The ROAM system uses a true multispectral camera. And, it includes the industry’s only multi-parameter image analyses that can be carried out on-site on local laptop computers. This means that the farmer or consultant can fly today and make important decisions the same day. This gets around the problem of poor access to Cloud-based services, which offer only “black box” processing … processing that often leaves information behind. ROAM puts the power of information-from-imagery into the hands of the consultant or farmer. Full turnkey solutions are available with hardware and software produced right here in Exeter, California.

The full ROAM system includes a drone, a five-band multispectral camera, a ground station, a laptop computer, and all of the required software. This is a one-of-a-kind system that allows farmers or consultants to take advantage of state-of-the-art agriculture mapping capabilities and be able to provide timely maps to farmers on the same day. ROAM is a system that allows for consulting and custom processing of the maps they create. The accurately calibrated datathat our multispectral camera collects allows All Drone Solutions to offer additional map processing options that go beyond just the making of an NDVI map. So, the customer is not stuck with only those options being presented by Cloud-based services. ROAM takes maps to the next level to help with activities such as early detection of developing problems in your fields, specific disease detection, plant inventory, growth and change mapping, and other precision farming applications. ROAM products also include other GIS items such as digital surface models, point-cloud data (.LAS files), terrain elevation maps, and plant/tree height maps.

Source: Ag Professional 

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