The cash cattle market this summer has shown positive changes after a somewhat flat pricing period. Contrary to the typical cattle supply and beef demand factors setting the annual price highs each spring, this year’s high prices have only recently made an appearance. Spurred by fewer market-ready premium graded cattle in the most active cash trading area in the North.

While beef demand is generally lower compared to a few years ago due to inflationary pressures, prices are leveling off. Lower beef prices are anticipated now through August. Meanwhile, carcass weight has seen the return of its annual low. A generally slow packing sector started 2022 with a quick recovery to February’s impressive daily harvest levels. Even so, carcasses found a heavier path through early May, pulling prices lower as anticipated with yearly levels. If the guessing game of the livestock market has you feeling uneasy, fortunately there are viable coverage options that offer producer’s peace of mind, including Livestock Risk Protection (LRP).

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