County Corn and Soybean Yields in 2015

In 2015, most counties in the western Corn-belt had yields above trend, while many counties in northern Indiana, northwest Illinois and western Ohio had yields below trend. Illinois yields were mixed. Maps of county yields are presented in this article.

2015 Corn Yields

County yield data were obtained from the National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Yields reported in this article represent the “all” county yield, including irrigated and non-irrigated acres. NASS computes irrigated and non-irrigated yields for some counties, mostly located in Nebraska, Kansas, and surrounding states. Again, yields reported here are for all acres in a county.

Many counties in eastern Nebraska, northern Iowa, southern Minnesota, and Illinois had 2015 yield over 200 bushels per acre. Three counties in the Midwest had yields above 215 bushels per acre: Piatt County in Illinois (221 bushels per acre), Phelps County in Nebraska (224 bushels per acre), and York County in Nebraska (215 bushels per acre). On the other hand, other counties had lower yields. Many counties outside the eastern Nebraska, southern Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois that had yields below 140 bushels per acre.

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