Farmers Like Trump, but Worry About Farm Bill

President Donald Trump’s support may be starting to slip with his base (per some polls), but a new Farm Futures survey has found that a majority of farmers (55 percent) would give Trump an “A” or “B” if they were assigning a grade to him on domestic issues. About 26 percent would give him a “C.”

The survey of 1,200 growers found that farmers are mostly good with the Trump administration’s domestic policies so far, even though a slightly smaller share (49 percent) said they would give Trump an “A” or “B” on agriculture issues.

Growers are, however, quite worried about the farm bill. A full 76 percent of growers agreed that they are worried the next farm bill “will not provide an adequate safety net for my farm.” The farm bill was the most important imminent business issue for growers, with 39 percent listing it as their No. 1 priority, ahead of tax reform (23 percent), cutting back on government spending (12 percent), increasing infrastructure spending (8 percent) and regulatory reform (5 percent).

Not betting on infrastructure: The survey also showed that most farmers (58 percent) said they do not believe Congress will approve infrastructure improvements in the next year.

High marks for regulatory rollback: Almost all — 86 percent — of respondents said that Trump’s actions to reduce regulation would be good for their farms. Find more on the survey from Farm Futures here.

Source: Helena Bottemiller Evich, Politico

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