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Tired of the guessing game of an unstable market? Farmers and ranchers can protect their profitability from market volatility with Livestock Risk Protection (LRP), a policy option supported by the Federal government.

Livestock Risk Protection offers flexibility, peace of mind and the ability to tailor your policy to the unique needs of your operation. To help you select the level of protection that is best for your operation, we put together a handy guide that outlines everything you need to know about the benefits of choosing LRP through ProAg.

Livestock Infographic

Want to add flexibility to your livestock profitability? Download to learn more.

This infographic includes:

  • Answers to common questions about how LRP works, like:
    • What does the LRP policy cover and how does it work?
    • What are the advantages to me as a farmer and rancher?
    • What recent changes benefit me?
  • A breakdown of premium subsidy levels available
  • Why you can trust ProAg to provide the best service in the industry

To learn more about how LRP can provide peace of mind to your operation, download the full infographic.

Protect your operation against market volatility.


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