New Year’s Resolutions for Customer Service Reps

I resolve to rediscover the importance of my job as a customer service representative.

I resolve to do my part in establishing long-term relationships with our customers – to be an effective problem solver and problem preventer.

I resolve to spread the customer service message through the organization, to be an advocate for customers, and to continue to work – on our customers’ behalf – with other departments in order to enlist their support and cooperation in working with our customers.

I resolve to view angry and demanding customers as a challenge, an opportunity to use my skills, and I further resolve to help them defuse their anger and hostility so that together we can solve their problems.

I resolve to welcome complaints as an opportunity to improve our quality of service and an opportunity to turn complaining customers into loyal, satisified customers.

I resolve to be an effective team member, doing at least my share, offering to help others when needed and asking for help when I need it. 

I resolve to continually look for and suggest ways in which we can improve our service to customers, our processes and procedures, and our effectiveness.

I resolve to be proactive, to anticipate customer’s needs and to take the extra steps that will help us delight our customers.

I resolve to be warm, cheerful, and enthusiastic with customers and coworkers alike.

I resolve to learn, to change, to grow and to take advantage of all opportunities for self-development.

I resolve to take good care of myself, to learn to manage the stress that is a normal part of the everyday world of customer service – and to stay “up” in “down” situations.

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