Ohio Farm Bureau Calls for Agricultural Exemption to Drone Use at Night

Ohio Farm Bureau members are calling for an agriculture exemption to the federal ban on flying drone aircraft at night. Austin Heil, a farmer from Hardin County Ohio says operators can get better readings from a drones’ thermal sensors at night by eliminating readings from the sun.

“When we’re doing that, we can then start analyzing the water and moisture that the plant is giving off at night so we can start to determine some possible management zones and see what the crop is doing,” says Heil.

Heil says the thermal sensors can also be used to help with public safety. He tells Brownfield night-time accidents where livestock escape from trailers, barns or fields would be resolved faster with drones equipped with thermal sensors.

“And we can work with different parties to eliminate possible damage to property and also eliminate the possible chance of them getting hit on the road,” says Heil.

Heil also owns a consulting business that specializes in the use of smart technology for farm operations. He was a delegate at the Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting last week where the proposal was adopted by the attending delegates.

Source: Brownfield Ag News

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