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The federal crop insurance program faced scrutiny in 2015, and many policy analysts expect the same this year. “Be aware: Crop insurance will be in the cross hairs again,” said Roger Bernard, a policy analyst with Informa Economics. “It’s the low-hanging fruit that seems to be the place (where) most anti-subsidy folks are focusing their attention.”

Last fall, a bipartisan budget deal included unexpected cuts of $3 billion to the federal crop insurance program, which, after great outcry, were rolled back in December through the highway bill.

Bernard suggests farmers pay close attention to the administration’s 2017 budget proposal, which is scheduled to be released Tuesday.

“We (Informa Economics) are told the Obama budget that is to be released on February 9, will contain proposals to cut crop insurance,” Bernard says. “Be aware, agriculture, because (crop insurance) is still going to be the focus for budget cutters.”

Source: Anna-Lisa Laca, MILK


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