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Actual Revenue History (ARH) Insurance

The Actual Revenue History is based upon the insured’s revenue history for the crop insured.

The Actual Revenue History (ARH) insurance plan has many parallels to the Actual Production History (APH) plan of crop insurance, with the primary difference being that instead of insuring historical yields, the plan insures historical revenues. The policy is structured as an endorsement to the Common Crop Insurance Policy Basic Provisions. It restates many of the APH yield procedures to reflect a revenue product.

Each crop insured under ARH has unique crop provisions. Like current revenue coverage plans, the ARH pilot program protects growers against losses from low yields, low prices, low quality, or any combination of these events.

The guarantee is calculated based upon the insured’s production and revenue history. A loss occurs when the revenue to count for the current year falls below the insured’s guaranteed revenue.

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