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Supplemental Replant Coverage

Supplemental Replant Coverage (SRC) allows a grower to purchase additional replant coverage for their insured crop.

Supplemental Replant Coverage (SRC) is additional coverage for replanting crops in addition to the Federal crop insurance policy. In the case of a replant loss, the SRC policy will provide a payment equal to the selected liability per acre for the replanted acres, up to the limit of insurance on the schedule of insurance. In no event will the total replant payment for the SRC policy exceed the maximum per acre limit listed on the schedule of insurance.

The SRC policy is an annual policy and application must be made by the MPCI crop’s sales closing date for each year. Unless otherwise stated in the SRC policy, the terms and conditions established by the MPCI policy, including deadlines (EXAMPLE: sales closing, cancellation and acreage reporting), also apply to the SRC policy.

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