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Raisin Reconditioning

The Raisin Reconditioning policy reimburses growers for the extra expense of washing and drying reconditioning directly due to rainfall while on trays in the insured vineyard during the insurance period.

It does not insure against lost production or decrease in the value of raisins, other than an allowance for shrinkage.

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How Raisin Reconditioning Works

All typical raisin grape varieties are insurable, except Zante Currants and any grapes that had table grape cultural practices applied. Insureds must report the acreage on which they intend to produce raisins by the sales closing date.

Coverage for the Raisin Reconditioning insurance policy begin when the grapes are laid on the trays and ceases upon the earlier date of October 20 or when the raisins are boxed/removed from the vineyard.

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