The March 15 crop insurance deadline is fast approaching. Every farmer should be speaking with their crop insurance agent before the deadline. National Crop Insurance Services President Tom Zacharias encourages farmers to meet with an agent as the first step in the crop insurance process.

He says farming comes with inherent risks such as weather events and price declines that lead to financial losses. That’s why crop insurance exists and is so critical. Due to the everchanging nature of the agriculture industry, crop insurance is constantly evolving to better meet the changing demands. Zacharias says the myriad of crop insurance options, policies and products are a reflection of those industry changes.

Programs like Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) or the Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and STAX for cotton farmers that provide meaningful endorsements to producers in many locations. There are also options available in specific areas of the country, like the Hurricane Insurance Protection-Wind Index Endorsement.

“Crop insurance serves as the essential risk-management tool designed to provide timely financial assistance to farmers when they need it most,” says Zacharias.

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