Private Area Revenue

Private Area Revenue®* (PAR™*) is designed to offer supplemental coverage for individual MPCI policies. It allows producers to purchase additional coverage for area-level revenue risk that augments the individual level coverage they receive from a Federal Crop Insurance policy.

PAR offers a guarantee based on the expected area yield and the projected price. If the actual area yield, the Harvest Price, or some combination of the two falls below the guarantee, the grower receives an indemnity (regardless of their actual individual yield, or any indemnity that may be due on their individual MPCI policy). PAR Coverage provides the producer with additional income protection in the event of:

  • A low yield in the county or Crop Reporting District
  • A decrease in the market price from a time before planting until the harvest season, or
  • A combination of changes in yield and price that cause the area revenue to be less than a trigger amount.

Products and product topics summarized in this sales brochure are not all-encompassing and do not substitute for the policy provisions. See the policy provisions and/or contact your ProAg agent for complete description of available coverages and their terms and conditions.


*Private Area Revenue® & PAR™ are trademarks of Watts & Associates, Inc.

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