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RPowerD™ allows greater flexibility in marketing crops by providing protection from fluctuating prices.

ProAg’s supplemental RPowerD policy gives you the opportunity for more revenue than insuring with Federal Crop Insurance alone. It can help align crop revenue insurance coverage with your operation’s marketing and risk management strategies. RPowerD provides flexibility in establishing the price per bushel.

The RPowerD policy requires a policyholder to have a Revenue Protection policy. RPowerD is available through trusted ProAg agents for corn, soybeans, spring and winter wheat and grain sorghum in select states.

Coverage may be purchased prior to the Revenue Protection prices being set and from one or multiple of the following pricing methods:

  1. Accept the projected price
  2. Establish Additional Price Coverage to be added
  3. Market price – allows you to lock in yesterday’s closing market price
  4. Elect one or multiple alternative price discovery periods in full or half month increments

RPowerD Policy Highlights

The RPowerD sales season spans virtually the entire crop year, close to 50 weeks out of the year. RPowerD is available in April, the year before the crop is planted, through April 1 of the year the crop is planted.

  • Coverage levels from 70% to 95% of the current expected revenues on corn, soybeans, spring wheat, winter wheat and grain sorghum
  • Ability to lock in a current market price or use the projected price
  • Elect one or multiple pricing intervals in full or half-month increments
  • Protect yourself from fluctuating commodity prices
  • Flexibility to insure only a portion of the liability
  • Production to count adjustment by non-irrigated and irrigate practice separately
  • Saves cost by allowing for an FSA Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC-CO) offset

Benefits of RPowerD

  • Align crop revenue insurance coverage with your operation’s marketing strategies
  • Reduce crop insurance deductibles with an increase in level of coverage
  • Create greater flexibility with additional ways to select the price election.
  • No margin calls, service or brokerage fees
  • Cash-flow friendly with premium due in fall of the production year
  • Automatically resets the Minimum Revenue Guarantee higher when purchased intervals rally with no additional cost or action required by the policyholder


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