RPowerD™ – Revenue Powered to Preserve Farm Wealth

As a non-reinsured supplement to an individual Federal Crop Insurance policy, RPowerD™ can provide more revenue protection than the base coverage established under the Revenue Protection plan of insurance.

  • Coverage levels from 70% to 90% of the current expected revenues on corn, cotton, soybeans, spring wheat, winter wheat and grain sorghum
  • Can lock-in the current market price or using the projected price
  • May elect one or multiple pricing intervals in full- or half-month increments
  • Flexibility to insure only a portion of the liability
  • Saves costs by allowing for an ARC-CO offset
  • Production to count adjustment is by non-irrigated and irrigated practice separately

RPowerD is available in April, the year before the crop is planted, through the RPowerD policy’s sales closing date of April 1, the year the crop is planted. RPowerD is currently offered for corn and soybeans. Contact your trusted ProAg agent for detailed coverage availability.

RPowerD creates a minimum revenue at a lower cost and risk than minimum price contracting or CME brokerage based trading that only manages price risk.

  • No margin calls
  • No service or brokerage fees
  • 4x less expensive than Put Options
  • Automatically re-sets the Minimum Revenue Guarantee higher when purchased intervals rally with no additional cost or action required by the insured
  • Cash flow friendly – premium due in the fall of the production year

RPowerD will pay an indemnity whenever the revenue to count is less than the grower’s RPowerD trigger revenue. The RPowerD policy has no impact on the liability or indemnity for the Federally reinsured MPCI coverage or on ARC-CO payments from FSA.

Contact Us for Complete Policy Details

See the policy provisions and/or contact your trusted ProAg agent for a complete description of available coverage and their terms and conditions. Come experience the ProAg difference today.

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Not all coverage or products may be available in all jurisdictions. The description of coverage in these pages is for informational purposes only. Actual coverage will vary based on the terms and conditions of the policy issued. The information described herein does not amend, or otherwise affect, the terms and conditions of any insurance policy issued by ProAg or any of its subsidiaries. RPowerD™ is a registered trademark of Watts & Associates, Inc.

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