National Sorghum Producers Testifies on Farm Bill, Promotes Strong Safety Net and Crop Insurance

National Sorghum Producers testified today before the U.S. House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management on the Next Farm Bill: Commodity Policy Part I. Dan Atkisson, NSP board vice chairman and farmer from Stockton, Kansas, appeared before the congressional committee urging a strong safety net and crop insurance program.

“National Sorghum Producers believes in the need for a strong and reliable Title I safety net that is balanced and provides assistance when needed,” Atkisson said. “The Price Loss Coverage Program has been a valuable safety net for sorghum farmers, and we will continue to work with the committee to ensure proper balance is struck and an adequate safety net is likewise crafted in the next bill.”

“Crop insurance is also indispensable for sorghum farmers,” he said, “and while positive enhancements were made to the program the last farm bill that helped us, we will continue to support crop insurance going forward and look at options this year that will decrease rates for sorghum and address county-by-county inequities between sorghum and competing crops.”

Visit NSP’s website to read the full testimony. For more information about today’s subcommittee hearing, please contact For all other inquires, contact Jennifer Blackburn at

Source: National Sorghum Producers

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