10 Precision Ag UAVs For 2015

There are many flight-worthy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the market today for various civilian applications. Here are 10 models for 2015 that are marketed for precision agriculture.


The ATI AgBOT is a compact, industrial grade, aerial robotic craft designed for precision agriculture applications. It is fully autonomous, compact and durable, and packs down into a specially designed industrial strength case in minutes. Learn more.


The AgDrone system is a completely autonomous UAS for agricultural surveying that comes standard with visible and multispectral cameras for high-resolution imaging and NDVI-based crop stress detection. Featuring durable Kevlar reinforcements and custom landing skids, the hand-launchable craft also comes equipped with mission planning software and a native tablet application to streamline data transport and processing in the cloud. Learn more.

eBee Ag

The eBee Ag by senseFly features a range of camera options to suit different applications, from biomass estimation to yield monitoring and leaf area indexing. With its maximum flight time of 45 minutes, the eBee Ag can photograph areas of up to 2,470 acres in a single flight, claims senseFly. Learn more.


A complete fixed wing flying system with pre-flight planning and post-flight image processing software included, the AgEagle is built “tractor tough” and able to take the daily tough use that agricultural professionals need, according to the company. AgEagle is built for agronomists and farmers from the ground up; to create a scan pattern the user can just upload a shape file to RAPID’s pre-flight planning software. Learn more.

AutoCopter G15

The AutoCopter G15 flies for two full hours carrying three cameras (multispectral, DSLR and HD Video), according to the company. The complete solution is equipped with live video downlink to the ground control station laptop, which is loaded with all of the software needed for pre-flight planning and post-flight processing. Learn more.

Ag Scout Extreme

The Ag Scout Extreme is a commercial grade UAS designed for accurate NDVI imaging and ortho-mosaic scans that are then processed into files for utilization in a farm data management system, according to the company. The system features a carbon-fiber constructed quadrotor craft comprised of commercial avionics components. Learn more.


The Fazer remotely-piloted helicopter from Yamaha Precision Agriculture updates the previous model (RMax) in three ways: Increased payload capacity (50% improvement over the previous model); improved controllability using a newly-designed transmitter and new control system; and cleaner exhaust emissions and quieter engine operation thanks to the fuel-injected four-stroke engine. Learn more.

Lancaster MK III

At 4 pounds, PrecisionHawk’s Lancaster MK III UAV is designed with ease of use in mind. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, the Lancaster automatically computes flight paths, survey parameters, take-off/landing paths, and in-flight diagnostics in order to collect the most accurate data possible. Learn more.


The Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution enables growers or their trusted advisors to quickly locate problem areas by easily capturing aerial images. This can enable issues to be more quickly addressed, which can potentially minimize negative impact on crop yield. Learn more.

Sirius Pro

Sirius Pro uses GNSS RTK in combination with precision timing technology to determine the exact location for each of the positions at which a photo is taken. Sirius Pro’s flight planning software automatically adapts to an elevation model, allowing for flight in mountainous terrain; Sirius Pro covers an area that typically requires more than one flight with other UAS solutions, saving up to 30% flight time for large UAS missions, according to Topcon. Learn more.

Source: Precision Ag

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