Northeast Texas Growers Harvesting Record Corn Crop

After a disappointing wheat harvest Northeast Texas corn farmers are feeling pretty good about a corn crop that may break yield records.

Northeast Texas farmers are harvesting a dryland corn crop that most believe will be the best they’ve ever made.

The Blacklands area received ample rain throughout the growing season to keep corn out of moisture stress.

Jim Swart, retired Texas A&M AgriLife Extension specialist, and now executive director for Cereal Crops Research Incorporated (CCRI), says the Northeast Texas region has had ample rainfall all during the growing season. “I don’t think spring crops ever stressed for moisture,” he says.

Leonard, Texas, farmer Ronnie Lumpkins expects yield to push 180 bushels per acre. Ben Scholz, who farms about 40 miles south, near Wylie and Lavon, Texas, anticipates a 130-bushel average yield. Typical yield for dryland corn in this area is closer to 80 or 90 bushels.One issue they’ve battled has been finding enough trucks to haul the grain to the elevators.

They agree that this may be a good problem to have since they have plenty of corn to transport.

Source: Southwest FarmPress

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